We are Amixo

We are Amixo

We mix, pack and repack food ingredients for national and international brand owners who, like us, set high standards when it comes to quality, service and reliability. Our passionate professionals work with the most advanced equipment and in accordance with the highest standards, in a state-of-the-art production facility. Gluten-free, allergen-free, Kosher and Halal and besides all we add a good dose of service and attention. That’s how we really make a difference for our customers.

Transparent and trusted

You have ambitious goals, and we have the people, the means and the passion you need to achieve them. We do this in a responsible and transparent manner. That’s just the way we are. We maintain confidentiality and only produce on demand. As we have no private labels of our own, your recipe is absolutely safe with us.

Leave the investments to Amixo

By working with Amixo, you no longer have to invest in production facilities or production lines for mixing, packing and repacking products. If you invest in the quality of your products, we will invest in a flawless processing. Deal!

Let us do the work

Our approach is far-reaching: we can help with the procurement of raw materials or taking care of many of the logistic aspects for you. We do not develop new innovative packages, we leave that to specialists. However, we are specialists in mixing, packing and repacking and everything related to it.  This is where we excel.

Your production partner

You know your market like no other. For us as a production partner, it all starts with good listening. Our well-organised working methods and many years of experience allow us to respond perfectly to your wishes and requirements, at competitive prices. This is possible thanks to our specialists and our modern production facility.